The Results are in!

And the winner is. . .

Here are the items we were bidding on and what the outcome was! 


(If we win this rug, it will go into the Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite in the main room.)

We lost this one. From what our design team said, two other bidders when crazy on it

and it went for around $2,000.


(If we win this rug, it will go into the Conway Junior Suite in the sitting room.)

We won this!

We may put it in the Hipkins-Bernard Sitting Room instead of the Conway.

We will just have to wait and see.


(If we win this rug, it will go into the Madison Master Suite.)

We won this one!

We are so excited about getting this one. It is just beautiful in person!


(If we win this rug, it will go into the Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite in the main room in the sitting room.)

We didn’t win this one.

Not a big deal because it really as a little too small for one of the sitting rooms.


(These are a set of two tables.)

(I see these in the Grand Hallway at the main entry under the two side windows.)

Well I won’t be seeing these in the Grand Hallway because they went for a crazy amount. Again two other bidders started bidding against each other and drove up the price.


(If we win this, it will go in either the Formal Dining Room or Parlor in front of the fireplace.)

This will be gracing our Formal Dining Room or Parlor soon

because we won it!


(If we win this, it will go upstairs to the Upstairs Grand Hallway in the sitting area.)

We won this one too!


(This item was trying to find.)

(I would like this to place a statue or vase on in the parlor or hall.)

We didn’t win this one, but that is okay. They are a “dime a dozen” so we can find more.


(These are a pair of tables.)

(If I win these, they will go into the Master Bath between the double sinks to allow space for guests to set their items on while using the sinks.)

We didn’t win these. It was a little bit of a disappointment because they would have been prefect in the Master Baths, but we will just keep looking.


(Okay, I was just really wishing on this one!)

(I would love to have it for the Formal Dining Room Table.)

(But after being in so many of these auctions, I know I can’t afford it.)

(Sigh . . .)


Well you know I didn’t win this one either. . . sigh . . .

but I am sure someone special will be getting a nice piece for the home soon!

Maybe some day we will too . . .

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