It’s Official!

Today we made it official!

We have a signed contract for the lease for

Belle Grove Plantation!

We traveled to Richmond this afternoon and finished the review of the final draft of the lease contract and signed it. This has been a long time coming! We started on this journey on July 16, 2011 when we arrived at Belle Grove to see it for the first time. Four hundred and twelve days later after working on planning, researching and meeting after meeting, we are turning the page to the next chapter of our bed and breakfast!

So what do you do after signing a contract that will forever change your life?

No… you don’t go to Disney World!

We headed home to Chesapeake and made a stop at one of our favorite day trip places, Colonial Williamsburg. Williamsburg has always been my favorite places to go when things got me down or when I needed to clear my head. It is just one of those places for me.

We decided to stop and get dinner at Merchant Square at The Trellis. We have been here many times and I have to say it’s the best place for dessert! “Death by Chocolate” is one dessert to “die” for!

We started dinner with a wonderful salad and breads. We had a selection of Corn Bread, Rye and Pretzel Rolls. If you have never had a Pretzel Roll, you must try them! They are so good! It was served with butter, olive oil and cracker mustard.

For dinner Brett had Homemade Papardelle Pasta. This was House-made Egg Pasta with an Assortment of Mushrooms in Butter and Herb Stock and Aged Farmer’s Cheese.

I had one of my favorites, Shrimp and Grits. Shrimp and Grits can come in many different recipes, but I have to say this is one of the best. This one is Sautéed Carolina Shrimp with Trellis Bacon, Local Bok Choy and Cheddar Grits in a White Wine Lemon Sauce. I asked to have the Bok Choy left off.

For dessert, you guessed it, Death by Chocolate! This is a study in chocolate – A Seven Layer Chocolate Torte with a Hand-Rolled White Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Ice Cream and Dark Chocolate Sauce.

After dinner, Brett and I walked down through Colonial Williamsburg. We normally walk all the way to the other side, but tonight was kind of hot. We made our way instead down to the Governor’s Palace. We general don’t walk down this way so it was nice change.

We weren’t the only ones that thought it was a hot evening!

Tomorrow we are off and running! We are heading back to Fredericksburg to stay at the Schooler House Bed and Breakfast. We are so excited to see Andi, the Innkeeper and her sweet puppy, Enzo!

Schooler House Bed and Breakfast
Fredericksburg Virginia


Before we go to Fredericksburg, we are headed to Mount Vernon, George and Martha Washington’s plantation near Washington DC. We are hoping to do some research on their gardens and to take notes on the layout and plants that they have chosen to use. We would like to see if we can incorporate some of these into our plans for the grounds and gardens at Belle Grove.

If anyone is near Mount Vernon and you don’t have any plans for Saturday, you should come join us at Mount Vernon! If you do and you see us, please stop us! We would love to meet you!

It’s going to be a great weekend both to celebrate this new chapter in our lives and to get some fresh research ideas! So expect lots of pictures to come on Monday!

Have a great long weekend!

222 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. csroth3 says:

    Your photos are not showing up here, I’m wondering if the files are too big or they have been moved. You may want to reduce the file sizes and upload them again, I’d like to see them.

    • Oh wow! I hope we having done something stupid. I deleted some of the photos from our media library thinking it wouldn’t hard the postings!

    • Ok, I just want to cry now. I was coming up on my limit on photos in the media library. So I deleted some of them, ok well most of them thinking it wouldn’t hurt the postings. I just checked and they are all gone! I have around 112 postings and I am not too sure if I can replace them in the right places. URGH!!

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