Cookie Contest MIA

We have had a lot of you asking about the Cookie Contest of late.


Yes, it has gone MIA.

But don’t worry! It will be returning!

We will reopen the contest on March 1st to March 31st!

We have also made a few changes in the contest.

The best part is there will not be an entry fee this time!

So get your recipes cooking, perfect your photos and be ready to enter as many as you like!


17 thoughts on “Cookie Contest MIA

  1. I hate empty cookie jars!!! I have my photos and recipe ready, was just sitting down to enter when I saw this. Looking forward to entering!

  2. marydpierce says:

    I, for one, am happy for the slight delay – it gives me more time. I’ve had something in mind, but I haven’t had enough time to try it out!

  3. gardenlilie says:

    I have something for you , but, it’s not quite a cookie, rather a treat. May send it to you in March anyway. See you then!

  4. augusta says:

    Unfortunately, my baking persona was overridden by my health-nut persona decades ago, and I don’t even have the recipes anymore 😦 What has captured my imagination is the thought of you making and tasting each of these recipes in order to choose a winner 🙂 … Aggie

  5. Mmmmm. A cookie contest. Were there more details posted at a previous time? Rules or guidelines? Will you serve the winning cookies at the plantation?

    • We will be posting the rules and guidelines shortly. Yes, the winning cookie will be served at turn down service for one year at the plantation. We will also make available the recipe and the cooks name and blog or website.

  6. Nativegrl77 says:

    Thank you for all the likes !!! very cool contest ! cookies from back in the day !!

  7. kayjayaitch says:

    But not ‘English’ cookies I take it!

  8. sarah king says:

    I am so glad to see that the cookie contest has been extended, because I forgot to enter…..and I HAVE THE WINNING COOKIE!!!

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