Point of No Return

Yesterday, I gave myself an early birthday gift….

I turned in my letter of resignation!


I have to say, I have a lot of emotions running with this one.

I have waited so long for this opportunity and I thought it would be one of the best days of my life. But to tell the truth, I was in shock after I hit that send button. All of a sudden, this adventure became more real than it has ever been.

After the shock wore off, I could feel this small voice inside saying…

“Are you sure you can do this?”

“Are you sure people are going to come?”

“Why are you leaving a job with a stable salary?”

“What are you doing you crazy person!”

After I took a deep breath, I answered my small voice.

Yes, We can do this. We have a great love and passion for this plantation and we are going to do whatever it takes to make this successful. We have a great vision for the years to come. And we know that all the dreaming and planning and research will pay off.

Will people come? How can they not?

What a wonderful plantation full of history and beauty. It only took us one visit to be hooked on it and it will do the same for others that venture to the plantation.

Yes, I have a stable salary, but I don’t have satisfaction in my job. I have worked for over ten years for this corporation. When I hit my ten year mark, my reward was a block of plastic that had the corporation’s brand on it and the words “Ten Years”. My first thought was really? I worked hard, over produced and got this? I can’t give another ten years for another block of plastic. I want my life to mean something. And I know through this venture, it will.

Yes, I am crazy. Crazy about what endless possibilities we have working for ourselves. We make the decisions, we reap the rewards. Our limits are only set by the limits of our imagination and drive. And best of all, there are no blocks of plastic.

And just for the record, my birthday is tomorrow. I will be 47 years old.

No, I am not ashamed of those years. I have earned each and every one of them.



358 thoughts on “Point of No Return

  1. cookingwnana says:

    Congrats. Know it is scary..but follow your heart. Iam a gma and went back to school at 50… so worth it!.

  2. Best of luck, take a deep breath, and follow your dream! Just about 7 years ago, I took a similar flying leap of faith to pursue a dream. I left a secure job with health insurance to go freelance so I would be able to devote more time to said dream. It’s been spotty at times, downright scary at times, but it’s still been worth it. I am still standing and I’m here to tell the tale. (And I’m older than you, too!) Carry on! 🙂

  3. moontoefairy says:

    Congratulations! Following your dream is heaven!

  4. Robert says:

    I am very happy for you. Follow your dream and do what you are passionate about. My company let me go a week ago and I am working on building my own business. I am happy that I can help people and i feel free. All the best, to both of us.

  5. Great job Virginia, to KNOW is the key… keep it up!

  6. Bob Lee says:

    Congratulations! It takes courage to overcome that fear and I wish you (and all of us) the best of success. 🙂

  7. Congratulations for follow your heart. Its only scary as we think of it. Cheers to you and your new adventures!

  8. Wow. Your journey is so much like mine. My husband and I have just purchased a home in Mexico that we plan to turn into a fabulous multi rental suites as well as quarters for us. Just this evening at work I was entering my up-coming shifts in my calendar and thinking these will probably be the last ones I will ever enter as I plan to be retired by June. Kind of scary to say the least! I look forward to following your journey and hope some day to stay at your amazing b & b.

  9. 1annecasey says:

    Belated happy birthday! Carpe Diem (Seize the day)!!!

  10. dawnspitfire says:

    Good for you!!!
    I wrote out a very long, supportive but humorous, comment. …with high praises, etc., etc., etc…..blah blah blah. JUST TO ACCIDENTALLY LOSE IT!!!
    Now I’m left here shaking my head.
    Botton line…”What a Wonderful World”. ENJOY! ♥

  11. charliebritten says:

    Well done. Best of all possible luck. Me, I did this in reverse. I used to run a bed and breakfast in Suffolk (England), moderately close to the Harwich Ferry (to Holland) and to Stansted Airport, but not close enough, evidently, as we didn’t get enough punters, so I retrained as a college lecturer, which is what I’m doing now. But you don’t want to hear about that. Your plantation looks amazing. I don’t know how you found my blog btw…

  12. Yayyyy! Good for you – what a way to celebrate! Know you the B&B will be a great success, and your posts/stories are great. Thanks as well for liking and earlier post “Ski Day Today”. That trip to CO was a much needed break! Here’s hoping the spring season starts with many reservations!!

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