Well Deserved Reward

Brett and I would like to thank all of you that have supported us through this journey.

We would like to also thank everyone for going to our Facebook Fan Page, Liking and Sharing us!Β 

While we didn’t hit our goal of 1000 Likes (we are up to 914 today), we still want you to know that it really showed the Planning Commission that we mean business. It meant so much to us!

And we want all our “Hurley the Plantation Dog” fans not to worry!

Hurley got his bone tonight!

Brett comes home with a special treat!(Notice all the tea cups lined up waiting to go to Belle Grove!)

Brett comes home with a special treat!
(Notice all the tea cups lined up waiting to go to Belle Grove!)

Hurley Attacks!

Hurley Attacks!



To see more pictures of our sweet Plantation Dog

Facebook Link

Please see Hurley’s album on our Belle Grove Facebook Fan Page!

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30 thoughts on “Well Deserved Reward

  1. Happy Hurley. He earned it. Melody and Rhythm are jealous!

  2. John says:

    Huge bone there Hurley!

  3. Mama Bear says:

    I’m glad Hurley got his treat. We don’t have Facebook or we would have “Liked” Belle Grove.

  4. Hurley looks attentive and happy. It was a well-deserved bone. I can’t let Gracie Allen Golden Pup see this post. She will be very jealous over that size of Hurley’s bone. LOL

  5. terry1954 says:

    that was the first thing i noticed in the picture was all of the goodies on the counter. that is so precious too with Hurley and his bone. so glad you gave it to him

  6. Jen says:

    LOL! So cute, Enjoy the treat, Hurley! (If he’s anything like Ben, though, he’ll make short work of that new bone…) I’m surprised you haven’t 1,000 likes on FB yetβ€”I’m not on it, but will try to remember to ask Hubby, who is, to give you a ‘like’. πŸ™‚

  7. Hurley deserved his bone, he is so handsome! I’m sure you will hit the 1000 very soon!

  8. vanbraman says:

    Looks like Hurley is having a great time with the bone. Did you let him watch the dog show earlier this week?

  9. Hell, I can taste that bone just from the look in Hurley’s eyes! (that would be some kind of taste sensation prior to Hurley actually slobbering all over it!). I am so inclined to nick across the oceans and steal that beautiful boy. But I could never impose that sadness on you, so fret not! Much love to you all.

  10. Now why did I think he would get his bone one way or the other!! LOL Could be our Hooligans are a bit pampered and loved as well!

  11. I also wanted to add – congratulations on your hard work paying off!

  12. Yea, Hurley! Well deserved. I suggest that he be made guest relations manager and publicity coordinator for the new B&B!

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