Let’s have some fun!


One of our followers has come up with a great idea!

As you may have read, I went an auction last Thursday. I won some really beautiful rugs, which arrive this week (Wednesday or Thursday) as well as some other really nice pieces to add to the house. One of those pieces was a painting of a Regency Lady. We have placed her in our Conway Junior Suite and she really looks very happy there.

But we don’t know who she is or what her name is. So we would like to open up the blog and Facebook with a “Name Contest”! You all have been so supportive and are all as much a part of this grand adventure as Brett and I. So I think it should be all of our decisions on what to name her.

So here is your chance starting today:

1.  Please comment on the blog or Facebook a name you would like to see her called by. We ask that you don’t use a name that is from the plantation’s past though. We don’t want her to be confused with a true resident of the plantation. So Nelly, Francis, Fanny, Susan, Carrie, Alice, Anna, Eleanor, Rose, Dolley or Rebecca will not be accepted as choices. Please remember she is from the late 1700s to early 1800s so we need a name that reflects that time period. Brittany or Heather wouldn’t be a good choice.

2. We will take names until Friday, September 23rd at 12:00pm Eastern Time.

3. We will compile the names and have a special guest on Sunday, September 25th help narrow them down to the top ten.

4. On Monday, September 26th, we will post the names to the blog and Facebook to allow everyone to vote. The name with the most votes will win and our Lady will have her name.

A Special Thank you to 

Jen from Victory Rolls ad V8s blog 


for making the suggestion!

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28 thoughts on “Let’s have some fun!

  1. Terry says:

    How about
    Bella Victoria

  2. marydpierce says:

    I thinks she’s beautiful!! She looks like a Hannah Jane to me. Maybe she was a Conway. Surely she’s from a prominent family.

  3. charlieray45 says:

    I don’t know; she looks a lot like a Prudence to me.

  4. John McVey says:

    I Like Clementina, Grace. I think she looks like a Clementina..

  5. Vikki Barnette says:

    I like ~
    Virginia Belle

  6. I think she looks like an Adeleine. She is beautiful.

  7. vanbraman says:

    I will put forth Sarah. I looked at the names of my ancestors who lived in that area of Virginia at the time and have a Sarah Ellzey Turner and Sarah Wordrut Turner.

  8. Glittermoon says:

    She is Eliza Pettingill, newly arrived from England, daughter of a Baronet in Kent. 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    She’s so lovely and elegant—yet there is a mischievousness in her eyes and her smile. Upon first seeing her, I thought she might be a good Marianne—or perhaps a Dinah.

    I’m so thrilled you liked my idea! It’ll be fun to see everyone’s ideas.

  10. bargaindiva says:

    I picture her as Lady Constance.

  11. […] of Belle Grove’s blog, so…they went with my crazy, madcap idea! Do head over and take a look at the fashionable woman, and suggest a name if you […]

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