Keep you fingers crossed!

Today I was in Richmond at Alexander’s Auction looking for more rugs for the mansion. We found five that would work nicely. Our design team will be the one that is bidding tonight so I won’t know if we won anything until tomorrow!

But here are some of the items we found and will be bidding on! 

Keep your fingers crossed!


If we win this rug, it will go into the Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite in the main room.


If we win this rug, it will go into the Conway Junior Suite in the sitting room.


If we win this rug, it will go into the Madison Master Suite.


If we win this rug, it will go into the Hipkins-Bernard Junior Suite in the main room in the sitting room.


These are a set of two tables.

I see these in the Grand Hallway at the main entry under the two side windows.


If we win this, it will go in either the Formal Dining Room or Parlor in front of the fireplace.


If we win this, it will go upstairs to the Upstairs Grand Hallway in the sitting area.


This item was trying to find.

I would like this to place a statue or vase on in the parlor or hall.


These are a pair of tables.

If I win these, they will go into the Master Bath between the double sinks to allow space for guests to set their items on while using the sinks.


Okay, I was just really wishing on this one!

I would love to have it for the Formal Dining Room Table.

But after being in so many of these auctions, I know I can’t afford it.

Sigh . . .


To see if we won, check back tomorrow!

In the meantime,

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22 thoughts on “Keep you fingers crossed!

  1. andy1076 says:

    Very nice items 🙂

  2. Rusha Sams says:

    Best wishes at the auction! Hope you win big!

  3. Can’t wait for the results! The rugs are lovely.

  4. I actually just said a prayer that you would be surprised and get what you want… including that beautiful silver piece. I agree, it is beautiful.! DAF

  5. Hi Brett and Michelle 🙂 Hope all goes well at the Auction. Looking forward to hearing all about it… 🙂 Willow x x

  6. That fan SOOOOO belongs in the formal dining room!

  7. seniorhiker says:

    Good luck at the auction tonight.

  8. Terry says:

    keeping fingers crossed you do well!!! good luck!

  9. Jen says:

    Oh, I love the tables & fireplace screen especially! (Rugs in this house are often splotched with collie and cat fur). Crossing our fingers—hope a few of these come back to Belle Grove!

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