What’s Cooking at the Plantation today?!

I have been sharing photos of some of the breakfast foods we have been making, but completely forgot to share it here!

So here is what we have cooking today at the plantation!

This morning is a colorful one!


We started with Green Tea and Mint Infused Cantaloupe


Followed by Homemade Blueberry Pancakes with a Peach and Fig Syrup!

To see more of the foods we have on the menu

Visit our website at 

Home Page


and look under our Breakfast Menu!


11 thoughts on “What’s Cooking at the Plantation today?!

  1. andy1076 says:

    mmmmmmmmm…pancake looks so good! specially the fruity cantaloupe’s :9

  2. David says:

    In transit, waiting for a connecting flight … not fair, you’re tempting with food!!! 🙂

    BTW, your B&B web site has fantastic photos. Especially those with President Madison. Extraordinarily nice.

  3. looks wonderful! Now, do you do your own cooking or do you have a chef?

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