Anyone Hungry?

For tonight’s appetizer we are serving

Mediterranean Bruschetta

Mediterranean Bruschetta 9-28-13

Anyone hungry yet?

To see more foods we serve at Belle Grove Plantation

Please visit our Website at

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12 thoughts on “Anyone Hungry?

  1. edgar62 says:

    LOL – That’s a terrible picture to show someone who has not had breakfast yet :o)

  2. Irene says:

    So, with all these wonderful appetizers and dinners and desserts and
    other scrumptous morsels you tempt us with on the website – my question is: Do we get to request or makeup our own menu when we
    spend the night there????????????? My trip may happen sooner than originially planned!!!

  3. alxoxo says:

    That picture makes me so hungry! Yummy.

  4. susank456 says:

    These look very tasty! I could eat them all or at least a good many.

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