Inspirations from other great minds

This morning, I prepared a dish that I found while reading some of the blogs I follow.

(yes… I finally have a moment to read…)

This dish came from urbancamillia and her blog post

I started with a Maple Baked Apple and then presented my take on her dish,

Bacon and Cheese Crepe on Asparagus, topped with a Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce


It was really good!

I am sorry but I didn’t get a shot of the Maple Baked Apple.

It went to the table before I could get a shot. Next time!

Thank you Urbancamillia for inspiring me today!

To see more of the menus we are making at Belle Grove Plantation

Please visit our Website at

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14 thoughts on “Inspirations from other great minds

  1. Looks delicious! Will have to try making this for breakfast/brunch one day. Please get a shot of the Maple Baked Apple next time–sounds so delicious!

  2. You can keep the egg but the rest of it looks mahvelous dahling.

  3. hideaheart says:

    The web site is beautiful!

  4. This looks yummy! I’m way behind in your posts and have no hope of catching up. I have been reading through, just not commenting. Congratulations to you and your husband on having your dream finally become a reality.

  5. I really should not have read this before I made my lunch… now, I want what you pictured! The presentation, as always, is beautiful. I know your guests are wowed by what they have for breakfast.

  6. You made it look awesome!

    Also, we have the same kitchen top lol.

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