Sarah Elizabeth Has A Story to Tell

The Short Story Contest is done and we have a winner!

Thanks to Jean Marie Moore Graham of Virginia

Sarah Elizabeth Portrait at Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

Sarah Elizabeth has a past!

Read our new blog to see who she is and where she came from!

Visit our new blog at and read about President James Madison of Montpelier visiting Belle Grove Plantation and giving a presentation to the daughters of the Revolution.


5 thoughts on “Sarah Elizabeth Has A Story to Tell

  1. kaygibson says:

    I just read of a reference to Belle Grove in the book, (page 109), Amazing Women of the Civil War by Webb Garrison. It mentions that Lucy Hayes, wife of Rutherford B. Hayes, visited there during the Civil War seeking her husband. She didn’t know if he were wounded or dead. It also says that Belle Grove was “in desolate ruins”. Can you tell me if there is any truth to this: either the visit or the ‘desolate ruins’ part. The book is interesting in that it chooses women from both sides of the war, describing them warts and all.

    Thanks for your help. Kay Gibson Indiana

  2. 🙂 Hello Sarah Elizabeth!

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