Ghost Hunters visit Belle Grove Plantation


We are excited to announce that Belle Grove Plantation will be featured on an episode of

Ghost Hunter on the SyFy Channel!

The show will air on

Wednesday, February 19th at 9pm (eastern).

There will be an encore of the episode on

Wednesday, February 26th at 10pm (eastern)

unnamed (9)

The TAP Team and crew were here in November filming the episode. I have to say the TAPS Team and crew were so professional. They weren’t only mindful of our time, making sure they didn’t cause us to lose money, but they were very thoughtful when it came to the antiques in the mansion and the history that make Belle Grove Plantation so special. When they left, you would have never known that they were here.

I have to say it was surreal to walk into the mansion and see Jason, Steve, Tango, Amy, Adam and Samantha walking around. We have watched the show for years marveling at the locations they travel to and getting as excited as they do when they find something.


Jason is very much the professional. He is the leader of the group, but has a wonderful, friendly side. When I was walking around with him, he listened and answered my questions with an understanding that only years of experience would have afforded. It was also really sweet to see him guide his daughter, Samantha, through the walk through and reminding her of things she would need to remember.


Steve is just like you see on television. Very laid back and easy going. He soft manner that he shares really puts you at ease. He is great compliment to Jason. I have no doubt that Steve could step up as leader if needed, but I think his open and friendly nature helps keep things light. Steve was even nice enough to talk to my son, Tyler on the phone. Tyler is really a huge fan and I know it really thrilled him. One thing I found out from the crew, Steve loves Andies candies. Thank goodness I always have them on the Grand Hall sideboard!


Amy and Adam tended to hang together through the walk through of the mansion. But their walk through wasn’t so much about the ghost as looking at the antiques. I would point out pieces and explain where they came from and any history that went with them. They were impressed by some of our great buys and suggested that they should be shopping with me! Of course I needed to point out to Adam that none of the antique were to go home with him!


Tango wasn’t with the team during the walk through. I only briefly saw him here and there. He was mostly busy working with the crew and getting things ready. I have to say the crew worked like a well oil machine, but were just as friendly and kind to us. I would never have a question of having them return.

unnamed (1)

Doing my filming was a little unnerving. I had some wonderful people guiding me through so I would know what to expect. And believe it or not, I didn’t have to do too many second or third times. The crew gave me an idea of what they were wanting in part and I just filled in the spaces with what I knew.


The reveal came later. It was really very exciting to see what they would come up with. My biggest fear though was that our ghosts would be quiet and not really come out for them. Most of the time, the ghost here are quiet. They were moving around a lot when we first started making changes. But since things have settled down, they seem to have done the same.

Mind you they aren’t gone. We still have things that happen. The latest happened just this morning. I need to go back to an earlier event for this event to make sense.

Back in September, 2012, our caretaker and his family were living in our quarters in the mansion as their home was without power due to an electrical fire. They told us during their stay, they woke up around 4am in the morning to what sounded like a rubber ball bouncing on the floor. It really scared them. To this day, the caretaker’s wife doesn’t like to come in at night alone.

Just after this event, I started having “things” happen during our visits to the mansion. (This was before I moved up in April 2013) I had heard if you set down the “rules” with the ghosts, for the most part they would follow them. So that is just what I did. My rules are as follows:

1. You can’t call or whisper my name

2. I don’t need to hear footsteps or door slams to let me know that you are here, because I know you are here.

3. I don’t want to see you because it can scare me.

4. If we have guests that are afraid of ghosts, we ask that you don’t make your presents known. We don’t want people scare of the mansion because we have to make money to keep the doors open.

5. If a guest comes and is wanting to see or talk to you and you are up for it, then you have our blessing. Go for it.

6. When I am in my room (which is in the mansion) and my door is closed, you aren’t to come in. I don’t want to see you standing in the room or wake to see you watching me. This is my space and I need to feel safe.

Since I made the “rules” things have really calmed down. For the most part, they seem to understand and comply with them.

In December, 2012, we had a medium, Laine Crosby come through to give us her impressions of the mansion. During her visit, we were sitting in my room. She stopped our conversation and told me that there were two boys (twins) that were standing at my door (which was open). She told me that she had asked them to come in several times, but they replied that they couldn’t. They said,”Mama says we can’t play in there any more.” Laine then told me that they had a message for me. They wanted to let me know that they were the ones bouncing the ball. She asked me if I understood. Of course I did.

Since then, we have heard the ball bouncing on the second floor hall.

In July, 2013, one of our guest, who had stayed the night told me that she had heard a woman’s voice on the second floor, where she was sleeping. The woman called out, “Twins” in a song like manner. We figured the boys and their mom were now hanging out upstairs.

This morning, around 4am, I woke and couldn’t get back to sleep. I sat up for an hour and watch a little television to relax myself and tried to get back to sleep around 5:30am. Just as I got comfortable, I heard at the end of the bed, a rubber ball bouncing. I knew at once it was the twin boys playing. These boys have been a little more active over the last month. They have gone as far as to hide my kitchen utensils from me only to return them later. So I knew they were being mischievous this morning. So I called them out saying. “Okay, you know you aren’t suppose to be in here. Please leave so I can sleep.” Just after I said that, I heard a woman’s voice say, “Come”. So I guess the boys were called down by their mother and she got them out of the room.

I am asked time and again if I am afraid to be alone in the mansion at night. To be honest, no it doesn’t bother me. In fact it is almost comforting. Our ghost, if you see or hear them are very friendly and warm. The mansion has a warm feeling as if it has a happy disposition. We know people died here and I am sure there were some tragic things associated with the plantation, but I don’t thing it comes through with the ghosts. I like to think that they watch over me and the mansion. And that they are happy with us and with the fact that we are remembering and honoring their past.


29 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters visit Belle Grove Plantation

  1. They can stop by my house next.

  2. gardenlilie says:

    Bet you had fun. I had a teacup and an empty wine bottle fall at inappropriate times, do you think I have ghosts? Does the house need to be old or maybe the property is? What’s your take?

  3. colmel says:

    I remember telling you way back when you first blogging and you were telling us about Harley acting a little differently and staring at seemingly nothing that I bet you had at least one ghost. I think it’s marvelous that you have come to feel comforted by their presence. I’m sure that they are, indeed, pleased that you love their home and want to share its beauty with the world.

  4. chr1 says:


  5. How cool! I just set my DVR to tape it. 🙂

  6. i will set the dvr for the re-air!
    i can’t wait!!!!!

  7. Jan says:

    I never miss an episode and was sooo excited when I realized they were talking about Belle Grove during the recent previews. I can’t wait to see what they find. I love the story of the twins and their mom. I’ll be watching!

  8. nerdtrips says:

    I will set the DVR to catch the repeat. What an adventure you are having!

  9. colmel says:

    OMG, Michelle! My husband & I had DVR’d the episode. Even HE was impressed (and he’s usually pretty skeptical). I have my own idea about the basement, but I won’t post it because there are those who haven’t been able to see the show yet. VERY cool!

    • Jan says:

      What’s the statute of limitations on spoilers? I want to hear what you think!

      • colmel says:

        Since the rebroadcast is on Wednesday, Feb. 26, I think I probably should wait to post my thoughts until at least next Friday. What do you think, Michelle? Sure don’t want to “spoil” anyone’s first viewing of the show. (Those of you who haven’t seen the program, WATCH IT!!! BTW, I am not employed by SyFy.)

      • colmel says:

        I think that the twins were in the basement. Michelle has mentioned that they like to “play,” and whoever was messing with the flashlights was surely having fun with the two girls. The girls seemed to think that they had a “grumpy” ghost. I disagree. I think they had two very mischievous ones. What do you think?

      • The twins are in the kitchen area and the upstairs. The basement are enslaved ghosts. Not really grumpy just too many flashlights for them to use.

  10. p3farm says:

    Ha! Just now watching it taped on the DVR and had to find this blog. I skipped over it earlier in the week and only read half as to not spoil the show!!! So awesome! You looked at ease in the interview. Exciting to be able to see your beautiful place and all the hard work you put into it! Congrats!

  11. David says:

    Well, then, we’ll have to come by the next time we’ll be in Virginia. There’s a possibility we might be, in VA, in June when daughters are riding an equestrian event in Culpepper.

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