Gifts from the Heart


Since Brett and I started working on opening Belle Grove Plantation, we have been so blessed with so many wonderful donations. These “gifts” have been given to us with love and passion for the history that occurred here and for the love of the plantation today.

Over the past weeks, we have received so many new “gifts”. Each came as a surprise and each will be treasured. What wonderful pieces we have been able to add, all with comments on who gave them. Just think, in the future, these piece will become part of Belle Grove Plantation history.

Visit our new blog at and read about President James Madison of Montpelier visiting Belle Grove Plantation and giving a presentation to the daughters of the Revolution.

Read our blog to see the “gifts” we have received!

AA-Thank you

Brett and I would like to thank each and every person who have given to Belle Grove Plantation. We appreciate all those that give freely to our project and that help us create a future filled with special memories and special pieces. We could have never done so alone and we are so grateful to all.

If you wish to donate books or other items, we would be pleased to accept them. Our library collection is truly lacking in our “James Madison” section as well as our “Founding Fathers and Mothers, Constitution and American Revolution” section. Our “General Interest” section is spilling over.

To send items to us:

Belle Grove Plantation

9221 Belle Grove Drive

King George, Virginia 22485


2 thoughts on “Gifts from the Heart

  1. David says:

    Small world, your husband Brett being a Navy corpsman. My dad was a combat medic when he was in Army. When he enlisted back in 1948, they were known as corpsman also. Somewhere along the line, the Army changed it to medic.

    Are you still looking for a copy of Plato’s Republic? I have my sister’s copy. I think I can convince her to part with it.

    We were hoping to get to Northern Virginia for a couple of equestrian shows this summer. Unfortunately, we couldn’t work out the logistics to transport the horses. Bit of a bummer, because we would have had a couple days off to go over and take a tour.

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