New Pages added to the Website

We have added two new pages to our Belle Grove Plantation Website!

For all the Birdwatchers

We now have a special page just for you!

Recently we had a guest who is an avid birdwatcher. In less than 24 hours, he was able to identify 39 different species of birds at Belle Grove Plantation.

Visit our Birdwatcher’s Page on the bottom of our home page to see what feathered friends call Belle Grove Plantation homw.

Chipping Sparrow

One of the many contacts we get is about employment with Belle Grove Plantation.

So we have added a Careers page at the bottom of our home page.

Join our Team

Visit our new Careers page and see where you can make a difference at Belle Grove Plantation!


11 thoughts on “New Pages added to the Website

  1. petrel41 says:

    Thanks, fine birding page!

    However the “tree sparrow” should be a tree SWALLOW.

  2. oneintercessor says:

    This is great! We love it and will be coming out for sure! You have a male mallard and a male cardinal–hopefully there are females about, too!

  3. Patty B says:

    This is something to indeed think about. Also…when you are ready to hire a full time grounds keeper I have just the person for you…no not me I can barely grow house plants!!…but a dear wonderful friend that not only has a green thumb but a green hand – he is terrific. He has a degree in horticulture.

  4. Equipping The Saints says:

    I love birds, ahd “bed and breakfast inns.” I love your blog, too!” You have me as a follower. Please check out my blog; you might like it too.
    Please have a blessed day.

    Senior Pastor/Equipping the Saints
    Philip 3:10, “That I May Know Him”

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