Thank you Tammy

June 11, 2014

Tammy Anderson

We have been so busy lately with all the weddings going on at Belle Grove Plantation. We completed our first two wedding weekend on May 30th and 31st. By the end of June, we will have completed five weddings in four weeks.

Whew ….

Being so busy, things have gone undone and at times forgotten. One of those things is something we don’t want to forget. As of the first of June, our Wedding and Event Specialist, Tammy Anderson has been with us for one year.

Happy Anniversary Tammy!

A chance meeting at a networking social with the Virginia Wedding and Events Network brought Tammy and I together. God knew exactly what He was doing when He had us cross paths that evening. From the moment I met her, I knew we should have her working with us. By the end of the evening, she was scheduled to come to the plantation and one week later, the deal was done.

Since Tammy has come on board, she has taken us to new heights with our weddings. One thing I can tell you, when it comes to “selling” Belle Grove Plantation and its history, I do a great job. But ask me to “sell” a wedding, I couldn’t do it to save my life. But Tammy is a born natural at it. She has tripled our weddings in less than one year. She and I have worked to put some of the best packages together to help our brides find just the right fit.

Leading up to the wedding day, Tammy is at our bridal party’s disposal through calls, texts and visits. She works very hard to make sure that each wedding has what is needed as well as pointing out other options. She keeps in touch with all the vendors that services our events and follows up to make sure the vendors know what is expected of them.

The day of the wedding, she not only runs the event making sure that each person is in place when they need to be. She also tackles the issues and challenges as the arise, keeping the stress of the moment from the bridal party so they are able to enjoy their moment. She checks with each vendor and even checks with us to make sure that everyone is doing well and have no concerns.

I have had the honor in having her help my daughter and her now son-in-law with their wedding. They planned most of their wedding and used Tammy to help them with options. I got to really see Tammy in action from the other side the day of the wedding. I know without her, this day would have been so stressful. But from the moment I stopped being the innkeeper/business owner and became the mother of the bride, I truly understand what she does to help us make it a day we will never forget.

I can also tell you that we aren’t the only ones that feel so blessed to have her. If you read our reviews on Wedding Wire, you will see all our bridal parties have felt the same way about her. They hold her just as dear as we do. She truly touches everyone that works with her.

So before the time escapes me as we head into another weekend wedding, Brett and I would like to publicly thank Tammy for all the hard work that we see and for those things she does we don’t see. We have been truly blessed to have her with us. Thank you for looking out for us and for supporting us as we build our business. Thank you for taking each one of our bridal parties to heart, supporting them and helping them create the day of their dreams.

Tammy Anderson 1

We love you Tammy!


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