Belle Grove’s Amazing Race Makes Front Page News

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“Amazing Race” raises funds for Belle Grove
Staff Report
The King George Journal
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Belle Grove Plantation, historic site and the birthplace of James Madison, fourth president of the United States, author of the Bill of Rights and the acknowledged “Father of the Constitution” hosted its first annual “Amazing Race 2015” at Belle Grove Plantation on July 18.
The event was a fundraiser to restore and preserve the 1720 Summer Kitchen, Ice House and Smokehouse.

The Amazing Race 2015 was designed after the television show with a few alterations. The competitors, grouped in teams of two-to-four members apiece, gathered at the plantation to kick off the day with a relay race in front of the outbuildings. After that, they traveled to 10 Sponsor Location Challenge Stops to complete challenges and earn points for their team.

Using their Amazing Race Passports, they were given “extra point” challenges that they could complete for additional points. These “extra point challenges” had them looking for a person named “Lucy”, taking a picture with a bald man, playing patty cake with a stranger and other wild and wacky challenges.

While the teams traveled around King George, Caroline and Westmoreland Counties, they would not only complete challenges, but would also collect donations for Belle Grove Plantation’s “Save Our History at Belle Grove” campaign. At the end of the day, the teams collected $468. Three of the sponsors, Community Bank of the Chesapeake of King George, Cindy’s Corner Craft and Collectibles of Bowling Green and Unique Antiques of King George donated funds bring the total funds collected during this event to $768.

After the race, teams returned to Belle Grove Plantation for a much needed rest and meal. During the meal, contestants shared stories of all the wild and wacky adventures each of them had.

Each team dressed up in costumes in hopes of winning the “Best Dressed Team”. Cat bags, mini footballs painted yellow to look like lemons and multi-colored wigs were just some of the wacky outfits that arrived at Belle Grove that day.

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To end the day, awards were given to the teams with the most points. First Place winners were the NARFE Incredible. Second place winners were the e-LEMON-ators. Third place winners were the Ruther Glen Rowdies. The “Best Dressed” team was awarded to the Gut Crushers. The “Most Funds Raised” Award was given to the Catwomen.

While the event is over, the “Save Our History at Belle Grove Plantation” Campaign isn’t. The Darnells’ goal is to raise $45,000 to restore and preserve the 1720s Summer Kitchen, Ice House and Smokehouse. The Darnells’ started a GoFundMe Champaign called “Save Our History at Belle Grove” 24 days ago. In this time and with the funds raised through the Amazing Race 2015, their total is now $3,686.


To see more about the Amazing Race visit our hashtag – #SaveBGHistory

To view our “Save Our History at Belle Grove” campaign visit –


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